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Nestbox Plans: Below are three box designs recommended by our President.

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1)  NABS Nestbox

2)  Peterson Nestbox

3) X box

Mounting Poles

Predator Guards

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Notes from our President on Boxes:


When deciding to put up a bluebird box make sure to select a box that meets design standards, protecting your bluebirds from predators and weather.  The ones listed here are long time favorites and recommended for use.  

1)  Avoid buying a box from a commercial store where they may not be knowledgable about bluebirds.  The boxes can be expensive, do not meet design standards, and were probably built by people unfamiliar with what is important for bluebirds.  Just any old box is asking for trouble.

2)  Many NJBBS members have boxes available and are agreeable to conduct on sites to insure the box is also placed in a good location.

3)  The type of box and mounting pole will determine if predator guards are necessary.  

Building your own box is more difficult than expected.  Use a wood that is weather resistant (western red cedar, atlantic white cedar), the proper thickness (3/4”), and build it to specifications, especially the roof.  The roof is one of the most important features of a box, providing safety from predators and protection from weather. If the design calls for a 10” roof, make a 10” roof.  


There are also various options to mount your bluebird box, for example: 3/4” electrical conduit pipe or 6’ heavy duty T-posts.  It is recommended you coordinate with a person knowledgeable about bluebirds.  Conduit pipe may not require predator guards if properly installed and the surface is kept smooth.  6’ heavy duty T-posts have advantages but most certainly require predator guards.  See the 2 articles Common Sense Bluebird Management and A Full Complement of Partners for more information.

Bluebird Boxes