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Proposed Meeting Agenda

Morning Session

Welcome and introduction

Treasurer’s report (john layton)

Website improvements (gary pilling)

Regional reports (please provide written reports)

Introduction of county coordinators

Cape may county - gail fisher

Gloucester county - dave gilcrest

Ocean county - dr. Laura stone

What’s happening in nabs (allen jackson)

Nabs 2015 conference

Nabs membership changes

Nest box committee

Board of directors

Winterkill evaluation

Outreach:  news articles lead to more contacts

Environmental projects / importance of native plants

Afternoon session

Better coordination

House sparrow control

Dealing with tree swallows and house wrens

Training needs?

Bluebird box housing standards

Question and answer session

Meeting FREC Nov 14,  2015                On display during meeting

Bluebird boxes including new ideas

Tree swallow devises - update

Van Ert traps  $10

Official NJBBS glass figurine bluebirds  $23